Time-lapse service

Long-term use in all weather conditions

Our time-lapse cameras comprise a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, a Raspberry PI High Quality camera, a Pi Juice battery management system and some batteries enclosed in an IP-66 housing and a solar panel.

By carefully managing power use, we are able to run for months or years with minimal interruption in normal conditions.

During longer periods of bad weather, the system will hibernate if necessary and wake up again when weather improves.

Minimal need for site visits

We send imagery and telemetry to a server to allow creation of timelapses without having to visit the site - these can be incorporated into your website for progress reporting and visualisation either internally, to key stakeholders, or communities and the public.

Managed or self-hosted

This service is offered to New Zealand based construction companies, but is also published as an open-source project if you would prefer to build and manage your own camera and server.

More information will be provided here shortly.

4 Day Timelapse test from evening 22 June - 26 June, overlooking Whitby, Porirua, New Zealand.

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