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What is a Hyperlapse

Whilst a timelapse is typically taken from a fixed point, a hyperlapse is taken from a moving camera, either on foot, from a vehicle or boat, or as in our case a drone.

Rather than simply speeding up the footage as is the case in a normal timelapse or hyperlapse, we align and stitch together multiple captures to a create a seamless story to show the progression of your project across many months, or in the case of larger projects, years.

Kenepuru Homes, Taupiri Rise, Titahi Bay
Porirua Development, Castor Crescent, Cannons Creek


At the same time as capturing hyperlapses, if desired we can also capture photospheres from the same location, enabling you to further share progress of your project. These two photospheres illustrate the changes on a constructions site over 9 months. You can drag the one on the left to move the view.

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