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PostgreSQL — bash — 80x10

SELECT * FROM tools;^1000
`> C#`^100 `Docker,`^100 `React,`^100 `Redux`^200
`> Geospatial`^200 `Esri,`^200 `OpenSource`^500
`> Embedded Systems`^300
`> Databases:`^200
`-> SQL Server`^100
`-> MongoDB`^100
`-> PostgreSQL`^100
`-> SQLite`^1000

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DotNet Core FullStack development

C#, Docker, React, Redux

Our default go-to development platform; efficient, cross-platform, and swift to develop with, using ether SQL Server, MongoDB, SQLite or PostgreSQL as our persistence layer.

Whether Linux or Windows based, hosted on your own infrastructure, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, we have experience with multiple platforms and hosting providers, and can help you choose the right offering for your requirements.

Geospatial web development

ArcGIS Server, SQL Spatial, PostGIS, SpatiaLite

GeoEvent, Tile38

Esri Javascript API, LeafletJS, Google Maps, MapBox, OpenStreetMap

Do your business requirements have a where component? Almost certainly.

From enterprise level spatial analysis and visualisation to consumer grade web maps, Venari has experience across multiple vendors from Esri to OpenSource, and will help you choose the right technology stack that suits both your business requirements and your organisation.

Embedded systems development

Containerised front ends on embedded platforms

Only a few years ago, embedded software development was a niche and complicated affair. Using modern software development practices including Docker, C#, Node.JS, and AngluarJS/ReactJS, Venari has experience targeting system-on-a-chip platforms like the Raspberry Pi Zero to interact with low level realtime systems and provide improved end-user experiences and accessible understanding of a system's state.

Report generation

OfficeOpenXML, ReportLab, PDFSharp, ChartJS

Need report based output from your system? We have experience generating developing detailed, attractive reports in either PDF or MS Word format, or as interactive web-based reports.


In addition to nearly two decades of using many of these tools ourselves, we can help you adopt best practice and share our experience with you.

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